Disney Haunted Mansion Host A Ghost Spirit Jar

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Each Jar is brand new and comes nestled in a satin lined box with their own death certificate and corresponding charm necklace. Each jar lights up as well as is black light reactive and “haunts” you with sounds, phrases, and music. There are 9 different jars to chooses from each character is designated a color and sizes jar and that cannot be changed. 

  • Sara "Sally" Slater:Small Gray Jar with Ballet Shoe Charm
  • The Hatbox Ghost:Medium Green Jar with Hatbox Charm
  • Constance Hatchaway "The Bride":Small Purple Jar with Ring Charm
  • Ezra Bean Hitchhiking Ghost: Large Gray Jar with Hat Charm
  • Gus Hitchhiking Ghost: Small Green Jar with Ball & Chain Charm
  • Professor Phineas Plump Hitchhiking Ghost: Medium Purple Jar with Hat Charm
  • Amicus Arcane: Large Green Jar with Books Charm
  • Capt. Culpepper Clyne: Large Purple Jar with Anchor Charm
  • Victor Geist (Annual Passholder-Organist): Medium Grey Jar with Organ Keys


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